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Leisure Series Floating Docks

The Leisure Series Floating Dock is the ultimate in modular floating dock systems. Each section is heavy enough to give stability in the water, yet small enough to allow two people to remove an entire system in the fall if necessary. Leisure Series Floating Dock systems incorporate a heavy duty 16 gauge 4' x 10' galvanized steel frame for durability. The frame is bolted together making for a perfect summer Do-It-Yourself project and allows any part to be replaced with ease. Pre-Assembly, Delivery & Installation are also available.
Each Leisure Series Floating dock utilizes very reliable foam filled plastic PermaFloat dock floats. Each section comes complete with two 2'x4'x12" Floats capable of carrying 450lbs each giving the dock a buoyancy of 22.5lbs / SqFt. That amount of floatation means you can stand anywhere on the dock without getting your feet wet!
Each Leisure Series Floating Dock is available without decking, or with a choice of Western Red Cedar or Solid PVC Decking. Decking is built in panels to allow for easy removal for the winter if desired.

Best Waranty In The Business

Your dock is exposed to the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer. Hot, Cold, Storm Winds and High Waves. All before your family arrives for a weekend of swimming, skiing and relaxing on the water.

You want a dock that is ready when you are.

Every company claims to build the best, most durable dock available but the truth is easy to uncover.

Just ask about the warranty

At On the Water Designs we warranty our dock frames for a full 10 Years. Our warranty is NOT Prorated meaning you aren't responsible for 10% of the cost in year 1, 20% in year 2 etc. like some of our competitors. With On the Water Designs you have the same great coverage at year 10 as you did the day you bought the dock. We are able to offer the best warranty in the business because most of our clients never need to use it. To us, that is the mark of a great quality dock system.
More Information
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